What’s the price of the bottle?

The price of the Hydronize Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle is $54.95 USD. It’s currently on sale for 50% off, from the original price of $109.90.


How does it work?

The process that produces hydrogen-rich water is called electrolysis. It splits water into its 2 components - hydrogen and oxygen ions. The hydrogen ions then bond to six water molecules in a hexagonal shape. Some of the hydrogen ions do not bond and either: float as ions in the water or bond to form hydrogen gas which releases in the air gap in the bottle. The oxygen ions also bond to form oxygen gas which releases in the air gap. The more exposed the water gets to the air, the higher chance that hydrogen ions can form gas and release it into gas. Therefore the water that’s left has H2O, hydrogen ions, and hexagonal water, making it more hydrogen-rich. To simplify, it removes more oxygen than hydrogen.


Isn’t hydrogen gas flammable?

Yes, hydrogen gas is flammable, but there is such a small amount of it that it dilutes to essentially nothing when the bottle is exposed to the air. Therefore you shouldn’t be worried about it catching fire.


Why does the price change?

This has to do with currency. The price of the bottle is currently 50% off, on sale for $54.95 today. If the price is changing it’s because of the currency converter. The price you see on the product page has been converted to the currency of the location you’re based in. On the checkout page, it’s converted to USD because that’s where our store is located. The price may look different but the amount your paying will not change.


How much can I drink?

You can drink as much as you want as long as it’s less than the amount of regular water you're consuming each day. This should NOT be a replacement for regular water, it should just be drank in addition to what you already drink.


When can I expect my order to arrive?

Our average shipping times have been 1-2 weeks however there are many variables that can affect your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).


How do I return a product?

To return please send a package to ____________. Additionally, please provide some paper or proof of your order number, email, etc., therefore, we know who to refund. After it is shipped please send us a tracking number and confirmation of the shipping address so that if the package gets lost in shipping we can still refund you knowing that you sent it back. If these things are not done we will not be providing you with a refund because we need to know who returned it and also if it happens to get lost in shipping that we can still refund you. We will provide a full refund once it is received and confirmed to be the working product that you sent back. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any concerns.


Why isn’t mine working? (Portable Water Bottle)

There are many possible reasons, therefore I ask that you try some things for us. The two most common issues are using filtered water and trying to use an uncharged bottle. Therefore please ensure you fully charge the bottle and use non-filtered tap water. If this still does not work, please send a video of you using the bottle and check to see if you can see white balls at the base of the bottle. At this point, we will see whether we notice any operator issues otherwise it is most likely a faulty bottle


Does it require batteries / How is it powered?

The machine is electric that you can charge using the USB wire that’s included in the box. :)


Is there a filter I need to replace? (Portable Water Bottle)

No, this product does not have replacement parts. The bottle does use calcium sulfite which is used to filter the water, however, there are no physical filters/cartridges which need to be replaced. Simply add water, click the button and wait! The calcium sulfite should last 4 years if following the instructions so eventually this may need replacement but in a very long time because we design our products for longevity.


Why didn’t I get my discounts?

Our primary sale is our 50% off sale. The prices displayed are 50% of the original, therefore at checkout, you will not have 50% off the price discounted. We do have many separate “bundles” and “deals” which should discount as advertised however, you may only apply one per order. Please be aware that if you purchase in separate orders, we will most likely send them individually. I hope this clarifies your prices, please let us know if you believe we’ve made a mistake.




Can I buy another charger? (Portable Water Bottle)
Yes, if you need another charger please reach out to our customer service team and we’ll help get this resolved.


Can I buy another glass part? (Portable Water Bottle)

Yes, we sell replacement glass parts on our site at https://hydronize.com/products/replace. I hope this helps.


Can you provide me with clearer instructions? (Portable Water Bottle)

It's actually quite simple. Plug the bottle into a USB source (turns red when charging), when it is done charging it should turn blue (takes 3-4 hours). At this point put water inside, click the button, wait 3-4 minutes (when the button is pressed a blue light should appear and noise should be made). During the 3-4 minutes there should be many visible bubbles. After that point simply drink. When charging, please don't have water in it. I hope this clarifies it, please let me know if you still have any questions.


Can you provide me with clearer instructions? (2L)

For the 2L, use pure water to make hydrogen-rich water. First, press the heating button, and after 5-6 minutes, press the standard-hydrogen water button (decomposes hydrogen and oxygen ions in water),and then after 1-2 minutes, press the hydrogen-rich button, and it will produce hydrogen in the water. Smart cleaning is just for any time it feels like it's dirty.


Does it require batteries / How is it powered? (Portable Water Bottle)

The machine is electric which you can charge using the USB wire that’s included in the box. It has a battery much like a phone in that you recharge it when it runs out of power.


What is the volume? (Portable Water Bottle)

The bottle holds approximately 500mL.