Customer Questions 

What’s the price of the bottle?

The price of the Hydronize Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle is $54.95 USD. It’s currently on sale for 50% off, from the original price of $109.90.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times have been very quick lately - you can expect your package to arrive around 15 days. It does depend on where you live as some countries shipping is much faster (UK, US, AU).

Do I need to replace any parts?

No, you will not be required to replace any parts. The bottle has been made with high quality materials designed to withstand the 5 year lifetime of the bottle. If something does happen to it, you’re covered by our 1 year (365 day) guarantee. You can also upgrade to the lifetime warranty which covers the bottle for 5 years (usually the bottle lasts longer than this but we use 5 years just to be conservative).

How does this work? / If they ask about a hydrogen tank

The process that produces the hydrogen-rich water is called electrolysis. It splits water into its 2 components - hydrogen and oxygen. The machine in the bottle is then responsible for infusing the water with that additional hydrogen that has been produced, therefore creating hydrogen-rich water.

Why does the price change?

This has to do with currency. The price of the bottle is currently 50% off, on sale for $54.95 today. If the price is changing it’s because of the currency converter. The price you see on the product page has been converted to the currency of the location you’re based in. On the checkout page it’s converted to USD because that’s where our store is located. The price may look different but the amount your paying will not change.

Does this filter water and/or remove contaminants?

No. This bottle is not responsible for filtering and/or removing contaminants from water. We do have a product that will filter contaminants from water that you can find here: https://hydronize.com/products/purifier


 Can you use distilled/purified water? 

Yes, you can use distilled/purified water in the machine. If you have a water purifier we usually recommend making it hydrogen-rich and then purifying it. Tap water is also perfectly acceptable and is used by most customers on a daily basis. If you’re interested in a purifier you can find one here: https://hydronize.com/products/purifier

Does it help you {certain disease}?

We don’t want to make a claim and say this is a solution because we aren’t entirely sure. People have seen some of the benefits listed in the product page from drinking hydrogen-rich water. I’d recommend asking your doctor for their opinion on the product and if they think its something you should be consuming.

How many ml per bottle?

The regular Hydronize Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle can hold approximately 400ml, whereas the 2L bottle can hold 2000 ml of liquid. :)

How much can I drink?

You can drink as much as you want as long as its less than the amount of regular water you're consuming each day. This should NOT be a replacement for regular water.


Does it require batteries / How is it powered?

The machine is electric that you can charge using the USB wire that’s included in the box. :)

What’s the refund policy?

If you aren’t happy with the purchase within 30 days of receiving then you can return it to our warehouse, you just have to cover the return cost which is usually very minimal. 

Can I return or exchange my bottle?

Sure, please email info@hydronize.com and we will handle it.